Latest Air Conditioning Technologies for the Home

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While many people look forward to the heat of the summer, they also plan to escape the heat every once in a while by cranking up the air conditioning. Unfortunately, many homeowners find that their AC units tend to break down when they’re needed the most. Other homeowners find that using their AC units leads to high energy bills in the summer. Fortunately, there are many air conditioning technologies being developed to deal with these issues. Here are a few of the latest up-and-coming Bellingham air conditioning technologies that homeowners can look forward to.

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

Movement-activated air conditioning is a new AC design that depends on sensors installed on aluminum rods. These rods are hung from a home’s ceiling. These sensors are able to detect movement and activate the air conditioner. This system makes it so that the air conditioner only turns on when people are in the room. It is expected that the widespread use of motion-activated air conditioning systems will reduce utility and energy costs significantly.

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

Thermally driven air conditioning is a system that mainly uses solar energy and some natural gas to cool homes. Not only is this system highly effective, but it is also highly efficient. Thermally driven air conditioning is currently used in some homes. However, this technology is far from being widespread right now. These systems have managed to eliminate electricity costs completely.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

Another example of an up-and-coming air conditioning technology is A/C ice-powered systems. These systems work by freezing water into a huge block of ice in a tank during the night. That way, the next day, the ice will melt and help cool a building. So far, these systems have been able to help cool a building for about six hours. Once the block of ice melts completely, a conventional commercial air conditioner kicks in.

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