It’s Finally Spring! Here’s How to Make Sure Your HVAC is Ready

Prep HVAC for Spring

It was a long winter in Bellingham, Massachusetts and you’re more than ready for spring to arrive. Now is a great time to perform several maintenance tasks for your HVAC system to ensure it’s ready for the demands of a new cooling season.

Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

The panels on your outdoor unit keep all electrical connections in place, so be sure to inspect them to see if any are missing or damaged. Next, remove the protective cover from the unit if you used one during the winter. Unfortunately, it could severely damage your HVAC system if you forget to do this and turn it on.

The suction line is the larger of the copper pipes on your outdoor unit. Its job is to supply cool refrigerant in the unit’s compressor. It can’t do this if the insulation in the pipe is damaged, so you will need to repair or replace it before proceeding. Be sure to check your outdoor unit for debris and don’t mulch around the base of the unit this spring to avoid decreased airflow.

Your Indoor Unit

Changing your air filter at the start of every season is a good habit. You will also want to inspect the coil drainage hose. It needs to be clear so it can empty water into a drain instead of having it overflow on the tray. Be certain that it’s properly attached and set to drain in the correct location.

Don’t forget to look at your return grills and supply vents to ensure they’re clean. You may need to vacuum or wipe them down to prevent air blockage. After completing all these tasks, turn your HVAC unit on and off to ensure that it cycles properly.

When it comes to air conditioning in Bellingham, Victory Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing has you covered. We are happy to perform preventive maintenance at your convenience.

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