How to Check if Your Faucet Has a Leak

faucet leaks

A faucet leak is one of those household maintenance problems that seems like it would be obvious. When the leak appears in a place you can’t see, it can be harder to diagnose and fix. We recommend checking the following three places in your Bellingham, Massachusetts home.

The Spout of Your Faucet

Unless it’s very tiny, you can normally see this type of leak. The faucet will run and drip more as time passes. When you or another family member uses the faucet, it never shuts off completely. In addition to giving you a larger than normal water bill, a dripping faucet can stain the sink below it.

If you think the faucet is leaking but you’re not sure, dry the area underneath it and put a cup or paper towel directly below the spout. If the item is wet when you return later, then you know you’re dealing with a leaky faucet.

Base of Faucet Leaks

It’s harder to notice this type of leak because you normally walk away from the faucet first. If you suspect the base could be leaking, remove all standing water and then turn each of the handles to the on position to see if water leaks near the faucet or towards the top of the sink. The most likely culprit is a worn or dried out cartridge or O-ring.

Under the Sink Leak

If the spout and base of your faucet don’t appear to be the source of your leak, it’s likely a problem with the pipes underneath. Remove everything from underneath the sink, turn on the water and see if the pipes leak. If the leak is small, you will need to conduct the same test that you did for your faucet.

Our Bellingham plumbing company is available to help diagnose and troubleshoot your problem. Give us a call today before a small problem turns into a flood.

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