Learn to Recognize These 3 Worrisome HVAC Sounds

ac unit sounds


Most people know the usual sounds of their heating and cooling system. The groan of startup, the gentle hum of a fan, and the whoosh of air speeding through the ducts. Hearing something out of the ordinary, however, will often be the first indication that your HVAC system needs maintenance or repair. Below, learn about three common HVAC sounds and what they may mean for your system (and your wallet).


If you hear a hissing noise, try to find the source of it. There are two likely scenarios: an air vent with an improperly fitted filter or a leaky duct. If the noise seems to be coming from an air vent, make sure that the vent filter is the proper size and is correctly set. If you are hearing the noise through a wall, it’s probably a leaky duct. A leak can be a big waste of energy, because you are essentially heating and cooling your walls instead of your home.


A rattling sound in your HVAC system usually means there’s a loose component or foreign object in your system. If the rattling is coming from an outdoor unit, cut the power and go investigate—it’s most likely a piece of debris, like a twig or pebble, that snuck its way past the grate. If the rattling is coming from a unit inside your home, it may require a more serious repair or replacement parts.


If you hear a clanking noise in an interior or exterior unit—similar to a rattle, but loud and irregular—you can bet that you’ve got a loose part in there. In these cases, it’s critical to address the problem before it becomes an expensive repair.

If you’re concerned about a sound you’re hearing from your Bellingham HVAC system, call Victory Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing for an expert opinion!

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