Preventative Plumbing Maintenance for Your Home

plumbing maintenance


Homeowners like you know what a headache it is to deal with an unexpected plumbing emergency. However, in many cases you can prevent this with a little application of your DIY household handyman skills. Take a crack at common plumbing issues and you might save big on the monthly budget.

Fix Dripping Showerheads and Leaky Faucets

Both of these are may seem like a minor issue that’s more of a pesky nuisance than a real problem. However, if left unattended, these can add up to some real money literally going down the drain. They can also cause gradual water damage and corrosion. Check periodically for drips around the taps, showerhead, and the base where the faucet or spigot connects with the housing.

Unclog Slow or Stopped-up Drains

A drain can get obstructed for a wide variety of reasons, and it can cause extensive water damage if not dealt with. There are both commercial and home-ready DIY products available like Drano or vinegar and hot water. However, for really tough clogs, you may have to call in a professional plumber.

Hunt Down Hidden Leaks

Any appliance that is connected to your home’s water line can potentially leak. The ice maker on your refrigerator has its own water line, as does your washing machine, dishwasher and water heater. If these leaks aren’t addressed, they can saturate drywall, cause mold and rot in your flooring, or potentially damage the device itself. If you see any signs of unexpected dampness or standing water, check for the source immediately.

When in Doubt, Call an Expert

If you aren’t sure that the problem’s solved or are faced with a bigger plumbing issue, contact us for your Bellingham, Massachusetts plumbing needs. Don’t let leaks and other issues turn into a major home renovation; call us and we’ll send a trained professional over to fix the problem.

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