How to Prep Your Plumbing for Houseguests

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The holidays can be a time of joyous get-togethers when family and friends visit. Those wonderful guests can also put a tremendous strain on your plumbing. Here are some precautions that may help you prepare and avoid an unwelcome plumbing problem. At Victory air conditioning, heating and plumbing, we hope these suggestions prove helpful to members of the Bellingham, MA, and surrounding community.

Cover Your Drains

Additional house guests generally mean excessive hair and debris entering your drains. By fixing strain blockers to the drains, these items won’t end up causing a clog. Having to plunge or call a plumber during a holiday feast can be an unwelcome distraction.

Ready the Trash Bins

When it’s just you and your immediate family at home, routines about what to throw in a trash bin and where they are located is usually not an issue. But newly arriving guests don’t walk in your day-to-day shoes. Be sure to place a small trash collector or two in the bathroom with a plastic liner. Place them near the toilet and sink. That will send the subtle message to not flush things that can create an obstruction.

Plumbing Problem Solvers

Be sure that you take out your plunger, drain snake and clog-removing products several days before your guests arrive. That will give you time to pick up anything you need and put them in a handy spot. You are the first line of defense against an overflow. Be prepared.

Look for Leaks

If your plumbing is going to spring a leak, it goes without saying it will happen at the worst possible time. Check your pipes for subtle drips and leaks. This can be accomplished by running a dry paper towel over them. Also, the base of the toilet should be checked and make sure it hasn’t loosened.

If you have a Bellingham plumbing emergency during the holidays, call Victory plumbing at (800) 993-4822. Our Rapid Repair team can respond 24/7.

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