When You Should Replace Your Plumbing

Although many people wish some things lasted forever, such as plumbing and heating and air conditioning units, at Victory Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing, we know that is unfortunately not the case. Knowing when to replace is just as important. Look for these signs to determine when you need to call us to make the repair.

Look for Brown or Yellow Water

If the water coming out of your pipes is brown or yellow in color, it most likely means that the water is mixing with rust. More often than not, this means that your pipes are rusting and are in need of replacement.

You Have Noticed a Pipe Leak

If you have had a pipe leak, no matter how small it may be, you should get the pipes inspected and possibly replaced. You may wonder why replacement is needed for plumbing with one small leak but that is because your plumbing is likely all the same age. If one pipe needs to needs replacing, they all do.

You Have Lead of Polybutylene Pipes

No matter the age of your pipes, if they are of these two materials, you need to have them replaced. Polybutylene pipes are likely to break and were used in the 70’s to the 90’s. If you have these, you should consider replacing them before they become a problem. Lead pipes are dangerous for your health because lead, which is toxic when consumed, leaches into the water coming out of those pipes.

Your Pipes Are Showing Corrosion

If you have exposed pipes and you notice signs of corrosion, it is time to replace them all. Corrosion looks like flaking, discoloration, stains and more on your pipes.

Replacing your plumbing is imperative to keeping a well running system. By choosing not to replace, you will have leaks and possibly a flood inside your home as a result. Contact us today for water filtration systems in Bellingham and to take a look at your pipes.

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