Tips on Preventing Corrosion In Your Pipes

Corroded pipes cost Bellingham, Massachusetts businesses an exorbitant amount of money in damages every year. Metal corrosion happens when metal is exposed to moisture, chemicals or other environmental elements, which then results in a severe decrease in the functionality, as well as the look of such metals. Therefore, corrosion protection practices should be utilized.

Here are several tips that will help prevent corrosion in your Bellingham, Massachusetts pipes.

Use Current-Generating Measures

Using a current that’s equally as strong as the corroding current but moving in the opposite direction could help prevent corrosion, but only if it’s used properly and in the right situations; otherwise, an impressed current could actually promote corrosion in your Bellingham plumbing.

Placement of Dissimilar Metals

When certain metals, such as zinc or magnesium, are placed in direct contact with steel, they can actually protect your metal from corroding. These are called sacrificial metals that will help protect the surrounding area of contact, as well as the areas past the metals in each direction. There are several different metals and several different methods of performing this type of protection, such as using zinc or magnesium blocks, galvanized steel or other zinc-rich coatings that can be applied to a metal surface.


Primers and other finished coatings are also often used to protect Bellingham plumbing from corroding. These work because they provide a barrier between the metal and the corroding components which helps prevent moisture from getting to the surface of the metal. They also have anti-corrosive values that change the makeup of the base metal.


Paints and other metal coatings help slow down the corrosion process, which helps protect your metal pipes and reduce the cost of expensive repairs and replacements.

If you would like more information about the best ways to protect your pipes, please contact Victory Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing. We would love to show you just how easy protecting your pipes from corrosion can be.

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