Ways to Prevent Clogs in Every Drain

For homeowners in the greater Bellingham, Massachusetts area, keeping your household drains free-flowing and clean year round can be a constant struggle. Whether you’re dealing with a slow draining bathtub or a kitchen sink that can’t seem to survive hand-washing the dishes, you can keep your sinks clean and clear by following a few simple tips and tricks. Take back control of your household drains with these simple cleaning hacks.

3 Tips for Keeping Sinks Clean and Clear

Say No to Grease 

Grease build-up is one of the main causes for a clogged kitchen drain. To degrease a clogged drain use regular dish detergent and boiling water. Simply bring a large pot of water to boil, squirt at least 1 tbsp of liquid detergent in the drain and flush with the water to melt grease away.

Go Cold

Using cold water when running food through the garbage disposal can prevent your drain pipes from becoming clogged. This is because the cold water keeps grease and oils intact, instead of melting them down and letting them stick. Only use hot water to flush the sink after you’ve run the disposal.

DIY Action

Bathroom sinks usually become clogged for different reasons than a kitchen sink, so they need to be cleaned differently too. Clean your bathroom drains with regular table salt and white vinegar to keep them running smoothly. A ratio of 1 tbsp salt for every 1/4 cup of white vinegar should do the trick. Just remember to rinse with hot water afterward and you’re done!

Keep Your Drains Free and Clear

Sometimes all it takes to blast those clogs away is a bit of elbow grease and determination. If you’ve got a clogged sink that can’t be tackled on your own, be sure to call your local Bellingham plumbing experts at Victory Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing to schedule an appointment.

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