Five Signs You Need to Call A Plumber

A plumbing problem can not only inconvenience you, but could severely damage your home and possessions. Spotting the early warning signs can help you get repairs before you have a true emergency and ensures that your home and belongings are not harmed.

5 Signs You Are Heading for a Plumbing Emergency

Slow, Persistent Drip

That little drip may be annoying today, but left untended, it could turn into Niagara Falls by tomorrow. Small leaks that don’t respond to your repair efforts or that you just can’t seem to figure out warrant a phone call to a Bellingham heating and plumbing professional, before they have a chance to grow.


Whether you look inside a cabinet and see water or there is actual flooding on the floor, the presence of water where it does not belong should trigger a call to the plumber. Even if you clean it up, you may not be able to determine the source or repair the damage on your own.

Slow Drains

Water that lingers in the tub or shower could be there for a variety of reasons; if a drain becomes troublesome and slow to drain, you could have a plumbing or septic system problem.

Noisy Pipes

If there is noise when you turn on a faucet or when water is running, you could have a problem with your pipes or water pressure. A plumber can repair the pipes before they have the chance to damage your home.

Bad Odors

If your home smells musty or moldy, you could have moisture leaking somewhere; a plumber can help spot the leak and repair it before the mold can take over your home.

Any of these signs is a plumbing emergency – if you spot one or more of these issues, contact us right away. We can repair your problem in a hurry, before it has time to damage your home.

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