Your Bellingham Water Heater Checklist

Water heater safety in your Bellingham, Massachusetts, home starts with purchasing products that are designed to last. However, even quality products become unsafe if you don’t take care of them. That’s why you should create a water heater safety checklist and perform regular inspections to keep you safe.

1. Check the Water Temperature 

Check the water temperature, especially if you notice changes in the water temperature in your home. The temperature should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher may scald occupants in the home. Temperatures at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher are hot enough to give residents second or even third-degree burns.

2. Check the Fittings and Connections 

You should regularly check the fittings or connections to ensure they’re not loose. Take notice of any water on the tank or floor. If the connections and fittings are tight, then these are signs the tank may be leaking. Sometimes, the heat causes tiny fractures and cracks due to it expanding. In this case, it usually means your tank needs to be replaced, especially if it’s an older unit. Keep in mind, the tank will continuously leak if it is not repaired or replaced, and the fracture or crack will get worse, possibly leading to a flood in your home.

3. Water Heater Elements 

Check the heater elements on a regular basis. Minerals and other particles build up on them and can cause all sorts of problems. For instance, the elements have the potential to explode or catch on fire. Not to mention, you can cause the elements to go bad prematurely.

4. Inspect Your Venting System 

Loose connections between parts in your venting system can be deadly. Carbon monoxide will leak and can cause death. Installing it improperly can mean it won’t work at all. Areas to inspect include the flue vent connector, draft hood, chimney and barometric damper. This protects you and your family from a carbon monoxide leak or a fire.

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