Types of Heating Systems: 101

You may install one or several different types of heating and cooling systems in your home. All heating systems have some advantages and some drawbacks. This article reviews some of the most common types of heating systems installed in homes. These include: Forced Air, Hydronic, Radiant Heat, Geothermal, and Steam Radiant.

You might find that forced air and radiant systems are highly popular in new homes. The source of heat could be a furnace or an electrical heat pump. It is observed that furnaces are generally used for central air conditioning systems. Heat pumps have the ability to offer both cooling and heating. There are certain heating systems which come with an internal water heating mechanism.

Forced-Air Heating Systems

Forced-air heating systems make use of a furnace along with a heat pump. In this type of heating system, numerous components get combined into a single unit. The forced-air heating systems use various ducts for distributing heat throughout the home. There is a blower which is located in the air handler unit that forces air to pass through ducts. Furnaces might heat air with the use of different fuel sources like propane, natural gas, electricity or oil. This is a relatively inexpensive heating system that humidifies and filters the surrounding air.

Radiant Heat Systems

The radiant heat system has been known for offering the most comfortable and natural heat in homes during winter. The system is available in several different forms (pot-belly stoves, internal hot-water tubes, etc.) It operates through the radiation process or directly transfers hot air from hot to cold surfaces. The in-floor radiant heat systems make use of hot water that is heated using a boiler. The boiler may utilize different types of fuels such as propane, oil, natural gas or electricity. Coal or wood are generally used in heating stoves.

Heat Pumps

These are designed for moving heat from the fluid in the internal home environment (air) to the outside fluid (water or air/air-source). During the summer, heat in the internal air is transferred to the external fluid. On the other hand, in the winter months, heat is obtained from the external fluid and transferred to the air inside your home.

The air-source heating pump is most commonly used in homes. These heating systems usually work well for about fifteen years.

A professional heating system installation company can guide you in selecting a suitable heating equipment for your home.


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