How To Achieve Damage Prevention With Your Sump Pump

A sump pump installation can be a great addition to your home’s plumbing, heating and cooling systems. Yet, a little problem left unattended can spell disaster. A stitch in time has never been truer than with sump pump damage prevention.

Choose the right sump pump: During plumbing installation, be sure you are picking the right sump pump for your home and needs, or prepare to see your pump get damaged. Smaller ones may not get the job done; meanwhile, bigger ones may exert too much pressure to pump out smaller quantities and levels of water than they are designed for.

Install it properly: Getting professional help with your sump pump installation is your first line of defense in damage prevention. treat it like any important heating or cooling equipment installation. It takes expertise or a skilled DIY job to avoid damage from incorrect installation. Avoid installation in a dirt pit, install a check valve on the discharge line, and read up before you begin.

Have power backup: Sump pumps are unable to do their job if there is no generator backup for when there is an electricity outage. Having a backup generator is important to cope with long power shutdowns as is the case during stormy weather.

Get a surge protection device: Fluctuations in power can damage a perfectly good sump pump. Alongside installation, organize a surge protection device through which the sump pump is connected for damage prevention from power surges.

Perform preventive maintenance checks regularly like you do for all your major heating, cooling and plumbing: Check that the sump pump hasn’t shifted, that there is no gravel around it which could enter and damage the device, ensure the float arm and switch are working fine. Also check it isn’t just on and running but actually working at pumping water out. Clean the area around it so not dirt or gravel collects, remove debris or buildup in the pump.

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