Water-Proof Your Boston Home from a Flood with a Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

Adequately protecting your basement means a sump pump installation in Franklin by a qualified professional—and a backup pump, too. Because it’s the lowest point in your house, your basement is the final destination for water heading downward or seeping upward. Floodwater from extreme weather or water inundation due to a ruptured supply line elsewhere in the house inevitably end up in the basement. A backed-up sewer also manifests first at the lowest drain opening in the house—the basement, again. In addition, ground water rising due to a naturally high water table seeps into the basement through the foundation.

A sump pump installation in Franklin is a critical safeguard against major and expensive water damage to your basement. shutterstock_168380624Installed inside a sump basin excavated in your basement floor, the pump remains ready 24/7/365 to detect the presence of water entering the basin, then automatically activate and pump the water out of the house through a discharge line.

The security of a single sump pump isn’t entirely fail-safe, however, for two reasons:

  • A primary sump pump is powered by a standard AC electrical outlet in your home.
  • Many of the same scenarios that activate a sump pump to prevent water damage—such as severe storms that trigger flooding or an indoor inundation from a broken pipe—may also interrupt normal electrical power from the grid or damage your household circuits. Your primary pump is then disabled, leaving you defenseless against basement flooding.

A battery-powered backup sump pump is a vital adjunct to your primary sump pump. Installed inside the basin, this entirely separate pump with a battery power supply activates if water in the basin rises to a level that indicates the primary pump has failed. The backup pump energizes and continues pumping water through the discharge line to prevent basement flooding. Not a standard pump modified for battery power, a backup sump pump is a dedicated unit, designed and engineered to run on DC power for an extended period.

To protect your basement and schedule a sump pump installation in Franklin, contact Victory · Heating · Air Conditioning · Plumbing today.

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