Airduct Cleaning & Maintenance: Service Your HVAC System with Victory HVAC

Despite our locality’s relatively clean air, our home’s air ducts still pick up debris at times. A technician from Victory HVAC in Bellingham can help you keep your ducts clean and in good repair, so you can enjoy better air quality and greater energy efficiency.

How Duct Cleaning Helps

If your ducts have accumulated dust, pollen, debris from recent renovations, or other air contaminants, those particles can break loose and enter the air that’s distributed to your rooms.shutterstock_269501291 This is especially likely if you haven’t been using higher-efficiency air filters. Duct cleaning protects your indoor air quality by removing these contaminants. While there’s no evidence duct cleaning can ease symptoms of respiratory problems, better air quality doesn’t hurt.

Mold in your ducts gives off tiny spores that also reduce your air quality. Worse yet, mold or evidence of moisture in the ducts suggests a moisture problem elsewhere in your house. A duct inspection will spot this, so the problem can be corrected before your home sustains serious damage.

Dirty ducts also allow debris to get into your furnace and A/C components, reducing their efficiency and potentially causing early failure.

When to Consider Professional Duct Maintenance

Look inside the accessible parts of your ducts for dust buildup, rodent or insect debris, patchy discoloration that could be mold, and signs of moisture. Any of these warrant calling Victory HVAC in Bellingham for a duct inspection. Also consider an inspection when:

  • Your home seems unusually dusty or you see dust blowing from your air registers.
  • You’ve just moved into a recently built home or you’ve recently renovated.
  • It’s been five years or more since your last duct inspection.

Ducts can also develop air leaks and blockages that reduce your whole heating and cooling system’s efficiency. A technician can seal wasteful leaks, replace damaged ducts, and remove blockages to improve airflow to your rooms and boost your system’s energy efficiency.

To find out why V is for Victory in clean, efficient air ducts, contact us at Victory · Heating · Air Conditioning · Plumbing in Bellingham, Walpole, Hopedale, and around the Norfolk County area.

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