Troubleshooting: Checking a Thermostat for the Correct Temperature

Does your thermostat keep the correct temperature? It is so easy to set your thermostat and forget about it. But, you may notice that the temperature inside your house is colder or hotter than usual. That is a sign that you need to check your thermostat. The experts of air conditioning repair in Bellingham can help.shutterstock_140994811

How to check your thermostat

Checking the thermostat is actually not difficult. You will need a thermometer that you can pick up at any home improvement center.

Set the thermometer next to the thermostat. It should be within a few inches to make sure the readings are accurate. This may require mounting it temporarily in place.

Let the thermometer sit in place for 30 minutes. This allows it to come to the same temperature as the thermostat. The thermostat and the thermometer should be within one degree of each other. If there is more than one degree of separation, the thermostat may not be reading accurately.

Troubleshooting the thermostat

If your home’s thermostat is not reading accurately, you should try to troubleshoot it.

  • The inside of a thermostat can collect dust, spiderwebs, and even nicotine. Use a soft, clean brush to clear away the debris. You can also use a can of compressed air to clean it. Use care not to disturb or damage any parts.
  • Check the thermostat for loose connections. If the connectors are loose, the thermostat may not be sending clear signals to the HVAC system about shutting on and off at the appropriate time.
  • Verify the thermostat is level. The components inside the thermostat depend on it being level. If it is poorly installed or has been knocked loose, that may account for the inaccuracy.
  • Consider where the thermostat is located. If it is in direct sunlight, under an air vent, or near drafty windows, this can affect its ability to keep the room at a consistent temperature.

If troubleshooting doesn’t work, the experts of air conditioning repair in Bellingham can give you a thermostat upgrade. Call us here at Victory · Heating · Air Conditioning · Plumbing.

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