Installing a New System? Tips for Hiring a Reputable HVAC Contractor

Hiring the right HVAC contractor is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for an HVAC system. Keep in mind that while the system’s efficiency is important, the quality of the installation is equally important for keeping your home comfortable without excessive energy usage. Choose the wrong contractor and you can wind up with a unit that fails to adequately cool or heat your home, is inefficient, or that fails before it should. When looking for Boston HVAC services to handle your HVAC installation, use the following guidelines:

  • Look for Contractors with the Right Skills/Reputation

Look for an HVAC contractor that is not only ethical but who also has the right equipment and training to install and maintain modern HVAC equipment. Installing a New System? Tips for Hiring a Reputable HVAC ContractorOne way to do this is to ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Other options include looking for local contractors who belong to professional associations, like the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and who have North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified technicians.

  • Avoid Amateurs

In order to keep your home safe and protect your investment, make sure that any contractor you hire is adequately experienced, is licensed, and they should carry both general liability and workers compensation insurance. Ask whether they have a permanent business place outside of their residence and get the address. The HVAC contractor you hire should offer 24-hour emergency service and provide a full refund if you are not satisfied.

  • Pay Attention to Their Customer Service

Is their customer service staff courteous and professional? Are they prompt? How your HVAC contractor treats your queries now is an indicator of how they will treat you when you have a problem. They will be completely committed to meeting your needs and to do this, they will need a lot of information so they should be willing to ask questions.

If you are looking for reliable Boston HVAC services to install your system, contact us at Victory · Heating · Air Conditioning · Plumbing. We service residential and commercial HVAC systems in Milford, Walpole and other communities in the Norfolk County area.

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