Curb VOC’s in the Home for Better Living

You may have heard that the indoor air quality of most homes is much worse than that found outdoors. One of the reasons that this is true is because of the presence of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs invade homes from a variety of sources, and once inside, give off unhealthful gases that are inhaled by a home’s occupants. Find out how your HVAC service in Boston can help you control VOCs.

Health Problems

Among the health problems associated with VOCs are aggravation of respiratory problems, as well as irritation of eyes and respiratory tract, headaches, risk of cancer, liver and kidney damage, headaches, visual problems, and dizziness. Curb VOC's in the Home for Better LivingWhenever possible, you should seek to limit your household’s exposure to VOCs.

Sources of VOCs

Most VOCs are found in carpet, but they are also present in home furnishings, furniture, or cabinets of particle board, paint, plastics and electronics, cleaning products, dry cleaning, air fresheners, tobacco, and even deodorants, shampoos and cosmetics.

Curbing VOCs

Some remedies for VOCs:

  1. Avoid products that have them. Look for natural or low-VOC products, such as those made with real wood. You can also air out carpet, rugs, furniture, and dry cleaning before allowing it in the home.
  2. Keep humidity and temperature low. This can prevent a VOC like formaldehyde from off-gassing. If humidity in your home tends to be high, look into installing a dehumidifier.
  3. Indoor air purification systems such as the Air Knight REME, with its advanced oxidation system, can help. This system charges particles so that they are easily captured. The REME will also remove particles such as dust and dander, as well as cooking smells, gases, and scents. The system is mounted in the HVAC ducts, where a number of indoor air quality problems originate. Individual units may also be plugged into electrical outlets, and will operate when the HVAC system is on.

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