Tips to Keep Your Home Safe and Protected From Severe Cold

Cold snaps are all too common during a New England winter. During severe cold weather, you need to keep your home safe while you stay warm and safe inside. Taking appropriate steps can ensure your home is protected as best it can be until spring arrives.

home in cold weatherHow to Protect Your Home From Severe Cold

  • Make sure all siding, shutters and gutters are secured firmly to your house. When a severe winter storm comes through, winds can reach dangerous levels. Loose siding, shutters and gutters can rip away from the house and cause damage. They can also become projectiles, causing damage to neighboring homes as well.
  • Verify the gutters are clear of autumn leaves. Blocked gutters can cause water and ice to build up on the edge of the roof and lead to icicles forming along the roof line. Icicles can be dangerous for anyone walking below, while frigid, backed up water on the roofline can cause ice damming, which can damage the roof.
  • Check that walkways are even. Uneven walkways are a tripping hazard in warm weather, and on an icy, snowy day, when people cannot see the walkway, it can pose a real home safety hazard.
  • Inspect the caulk and weatherstripping around doors and windows. These substances help keep drafts out of your home. Repair or replace the caulk and weatherstripping if necessary.
  • Wrap any exposed pipes with insulation. Frozen pipes can burst, letting water flood into your home. The water can damage floors, walls and personal items. Insulation, especially made for pipes, is inexpensive and a worthwhile investment.
  • Trim tree branches away from your home and parking area. During ice storms and blizzards, the weight of the snow and ice can break these limbs. A plummeting limb can cause damage to the roof, windows, siding and even your vehicle.

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