How the Attic of Your Home Affects Overall Energy Efficiency

If you’re thinking about ways to save on your energy bills this winter, all you need to do is look right above your head. The attic and energy efficiency go hand in hand. If the attic isn’t energy efficient, your entire home’s efficiency level will suffer.

atticWhat Affects Energy Efficiency in the Attic?

  • Air leaks – Air leaks in the attic let the warm interior air escape to the outside, making your home heating system work harder to keep it more comfortable and increasing energy bills. During the summer, these leaks will allow hot air in from the outside, making it harder to keep your home cool. Use caulk to seal up small leaks around windows, chimney openings and pipes that extend through the roof, and make sure there are no leaks hiding under the insulation.
  • Insulation – Heat can travel through building materials that have no insulation barrier, so insulation is necessary to prevent the heat in your home from escaping into the attic. The furnace or boiler will need to work that much harder to keep the interior warm. Putting insulation into non-insulated spaces will have an immediate effect during the summer as well, when the heat from the outside can penetrate into your home’s interior and hike up cooling bills. It’s also important to make sure existing insulation is adequate enough to handle today’s efficiency needs.
  • Ventilation – Ventilation in the attic keeps the attic temperature close to the temperature outside. Soffit and ridge vents help to prevent condensation from building up on the inside of the roof. Condensation can drip onto insulation, reducing its R-value. It can also cause water stains on the interior of the home. Ventilation also minimizes the likelihood of ice dams, keeping the roof safe and in good condition.

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