Are These 3 Mistakes Sabotaging Your Attempt to Lower Energy Bills?

The Massachusetts winter is here, which means you’re probably feeling the pinch of winter heating bills. Now’s the time to attempt to lower energy bills all around your home, but are inadvertently sabotaging your attempts by making these common mistakes?

energy billMistakes That Counter Energy Savings

  • Blocking air vents – Vents aren’t attractive, so you may be tempted to cover them with furniture or drapes. Resist the urge! The heating system needs air to do its job efficiently. Go through your home and ensure all vents are open. Make sure nothing’s blocking the air flowing to or from the vent.

    If you’ve closed vents in unused rooms in your home, open them up. Those closed vents are driving up heating costs because the furnace is working harder to compensate.

  • The thermostat is located in direct sunlight or near a heat source – Direct sunlight can trick a thermostat into thinking the space is warmer than it really is. Hot lamps, audio/visual equipment, and heat-producing appliances can do the same. If the thermostat senses the temperature is high enough, it will turn off prematurely, leaving the rest of the space too cool for comfort. This will cause you to turn the thermostat up, which will drive energy costs higher.

  • Using only the cheapest air filter – Low-quality air filters don’t capture all the particulates you have floating around your home. Overly-efficient filters will capture more particulates while making the system work much harder. Most homes are best with mid-range filters (MERV 8-12), but check with the furnace manufacturer to determine the best option for your specific equipment.

For professional help determining how to lower energy bills, contact Victory · Heating · Air Conditioning · Plumbing. Our heating experts can help make your existing HVAC system work more efficiently or replace your old system with a new, more efficient model.

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