Insulation Is Most Effective in These Areas of Your Massachusetts Home

Home insulation is an important part of keeping your house comfortable year-round, not just in the chilly winter. As part of your home’s thermal envelope — the barrier between indoor temperatures and outdoor temperatures — insulation prevents heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Knowing where insulation is most effective can help you fine-tune your HVAC energy strategy.

Attic Insulation

home insulationWarm air rises, carrying heat by convection out of the living areas of your home. And in summer, when the sun beats down on the roof, the hot roof material releases heat by conduction and radiation down into your home. Attic insulation slows heat transfer in both directions, keeping your home temperature more even.

Attic insulation is generally installed as fiberglass batting or loose-fill insulation. When installed by a qualified contractor, loose-fill insulation is not only less expensive, but it also provides better coverage and is more able to fill odd spaces.

Wall Insulation

The image of home insulation in many people’s minds is the insulation on exterior walls: the large panels that are visible during a building’s construction. As the walls and roof of your home provide the most surface area in contact with external temperatures, proper insulation here is important.

In existing homes, wall cavities can be filled with blown-in insulation. Batting and rolls can also be used for a less expensive but also less efficient DIY alternative.

Duct and Pipe Insulation

As pipes carry hot water through your home and ducts carry conditioned air, heat transfer occurs between the air around the pipes and ducts, and the pipes and ducts themselves. If you have ductwork and piping passing through non-conditioned areas of your home such as wall cavities and crawl spaces, you’re losing energy even inside your house. Sheathing pipes and ducts in insulation can save you money on your HVAC and water heating bills.

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