You Can Learn How to Find Air Leaks in Your Home

finding air leaksIf there’s one thing to be said about winters in New England, it’s that they’re much nicer when they stay on the other side of your warm home’s walls. If your house is drafty, the winter will be much less comfortable, and your energy bills will be higher as the heating system struggles to compensate. For a cozy winter, you’ll want to find air leaks in your home and seal them. Here’s how:

Check the Obvious Places

Drafts can occur anywhere the house has been designed or altered to let something through from the inside to the outside. This can include the frames of doors and windows, but it can also include holes cut in walls to allow for the exhaust pipes of washing machines or dryers.  Check these locations for visible gaps or palpable air currents. You should also check electrical outlets, fireplace dampers, window-mounted air conditioners, attic hatches, and any place you’ve added caulk or weatherstripping in the past.

Inspect Architectural Transitions

Wherever two different building materials meet in your home, there’s the potential for a gap that can allow air through. You may find air leaks at exterior building corners, places where siding encounters another material, such as a chimney, and at the foundation line of your home.

Test the Building

You can conduct a basic leak test by waiting for a cool, windy day, and closing all doors and windows. Turn off the HVAC system, light a stick of incense, and carry it through your home, watching the smoke for any disturbance that may indicate outside air currents.

Your local HVAC contractors can also conduct a building pressurization test to not only find air leaks in your home, but to measure exactly how much air you’re losing. They can also examine ductwork to find leaks inside your home.

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