How Unbalanced Airflow Affects Your Bellingham HomeHow Unbalanced Air Flow Affects Your Bellingham Home

airflowYour ductwork may not look like much: generic metal tubes, often hidden in crawl spaces, and not terribly attractive when exposed. But however unimpressive it might seem, the ductwork plays a central role in HVAC system performance, and there’s a significant amount of expertise that goes into ductwork design.

The ductwork is responsible for ensuring that a balanced amount of air is delivered to every vent in your home, regardless of proximity to the central air handler. When the airflow through the ductwork becomes unbalanced, you may face a number of problems, including:

  • Uneven temperatures from room to room. Because most heating and cooling systems operate only in “on” or “off” modes, temperature control is achieved by varying the amount of heated or cooled air being delivered through the ducts. If uneven amounts of air are delivered, the temperatures will be uneven as well.
  • Distracting volumes of air. When airflow is too high in a room, it can cause noise, stir up dust, and move small, light items such as paper. It can also cause a noticeable breeze. This can be distracting, impinging on your home comfort.
  • Pressurization and depressurization of rooms. If the amount of air being delivered to a room and the amount being brought out through return vents is unbalanced, the room may become pressurized or depressurized. This can cause air from other parts of the house to be pulled or pushed into cracks in the wall, which – if humidity isn’t controlled – can form an attractive environment for mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria.

While much of the responsibility for balancing airflow rests on the initial installation of the ductwork, a number of things can change the balance of airflow. HVAC fan motors wear out, ductwork leaks and obstructions can form and closed or obstructed air vents are common culprits.

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