How a WiFi Thermostat Keeps You in Touch With Your Home While You’re Away

wifi thermostatsDo you sometimes wonder if you’ve turned the stove off or, a more expensive oversight, if you’ve turned off the heating or cooling system after you’ve left home? Stay connected to your home, your home’s energy usageand the comfort of all occupants with a WiFi thermostat.

Home Comfort Automation

Internet-enabled devices, such as tablets and smartphones are keeping people, businesses and organizations more connected and in touch these days, offering instant communication from anywhere in the connected web world. Home automation devices are joining the technological fray, providing homeowners a convenient and direct connection with indoor home environment.

A WiFi thermostat is such a device. In addition to programming featuresoffered by their predecessors, WiFi-enabled thermostats offer a plethora of features and multi-system compatibility for total control of home comfort. These are a few features and benefits:

  • Auto-away, auto-savings – WiFi thermostats are available with indoor sensors that monitor movement. When a room becomes unoccupied, the auto-away feature overrides the current program and places the HVAC systems in standby mode—a prime example of carefree energy savings in the Internet age.
  • Indoor and outdoor sensors – Outdoor and indoor sensors monitor temperature and humidity, and adjust indoor environmental settings for comfort and energy savings.
  • Auto-learning – Some models “learn” your comfort settings and auto-program according to your lifestyle. All that may be required is a little fine-tuning of time and/or temperature to match your exact preferences.
  • Multi-system control – WiFi thermostats offer compatibility and control of add-on home-comfort systems, such as zoning systems,whole-home humidifiers to ease the discomforts of winter, whole-home ventilation, air purification systems and more.
  • Energy management – Online software is available with select devices, which monitors energy usage and energy expenses.
  • Intuitive control – WiFi thermostat control panels offer intuitive control by touch and colorful easy-to-read displays. You may also use a password to prevent unauthorized access to your temperature programs.

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