Sump Pump Problems: 5 Issues That Might Be Plaguing Your Sump Pump

sump pumpIf you own a home in Middlesex or Norfolk County, and you’ve suffered through a flood, you know that owning a sump pump doesn’t equal a dry basement guarantee. Most homeowners will have experienced at least one sump pump problem in recent years. While better quality products tend to be less prone to failure, they’re still imperfect. Below is a list of the most common sump pump problems homeowners experience and what you can do to avoid problems escalating into a basement flood.

  1. Power failure – Sump pumps are no different than any other electrical device or appliance. They need power to operate. However, investing in a battery-operated backup pump can alleviate problems caused when a power outages cripples your primary unit.
  2. A stuck switch – There are a variety of sump float switches available for pumps. The most common are vertical and tethered, with vertical being the more preferred option. Tethered floats are prone to becoming stuck on the sump pit’s side walls.
  3. Overwhelmed pump – Not every pump is created equal. Most homes will require an absolute minimum of 1/3 horsepower model that’s able to pump 35 gallons of water per minute. Anything less than this will likely be unable to keep up with needed water flow and may cause basement flooding.
  4. Frozen sump discharge pipe – If your discharge pipe isn’t pitched properly, collected water will freeze in cold temperatures. This creates a blockage in your discharge pipe and prevents properly draining water. Instead, water will fall back into your sump pit and overflow into your basement.
  5. Old age – Most appliances have a certain manufactured lifetime. Sump pumps should be replaced about every five to seven years. Check your unit’s manufacturer recommendations, or contact a plumber if you’re unsure about the age of your equipment.

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