Troubleshooting Your Plumbing Emergencies

plumber-plumbing emergencies, Middlesex County, MassachusettsPlumbing emergencies can happen when you least expect them. Whether they occur in the middle of the night, while you have a house full of guests, or when you’re relaxing at your home, always contact a plumbing professional.

In the meantime, follow these steps to temporarily minimize additional water damage or health hazard.

  • Water leaking in your yard – You may have leaking pipes, so immediately locate your water meter and the shutoff valve and turn the water off. Then call your plumbing professional immediately to have your pipes checked.
  • Water leaking from unknown interior source – Shut off the water source to your house, and turn your air conditioning up to 82 degrees so it won’t turn on.
  • Toilet overflowing – Turn off the water supply at the inlet to the toilet. Go outside your home and open your sewer clean-out plug if you know where that’s located.
  • Bubbling sounds coming from a first-floor drain – Stop running water upstairs because you may have a sewer or drain stoppage. Go outside and open your sewer clean-out plug. Don’t run any water in your house until this emergency is fixed.
  • Kitchen sink is stopped up – Go outside and open your sewer clean-out plug. However, if the plug is under your sink, don’t touch it.
  • Flames coming out of your water heater or burnt marks on the front of a gas water heater – Turn off fuel source to your water heater.
  • Natural gas smell in your home – When you start to smell natural gas in your home, remove any cigarettes or other smoking materials from the area. Avoid using matches, lighters or other open flames or activate any electric source. Don’t use your phone or cell phone. Instead, immediately evacuate everyone from your home and call your gas provider from your neighbor’s home or another safe place.

For plumbing emergencies, call our quick response service at 800-993-4822. Since 1992, Victory • Heating • Air Conditioning • Plumbing has proudly served homeowners throughout Middlesex and Norfolk counties.

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