Maintain Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors as the Seasons Change

smoke alarms and co detectors, Bellingham, MassachusettsSmoke alarms and CO detectors are essential for the safety of your family. Unfortunately, while many homeowners install these devices in their homes, they’re unaware of the need for upkeep.

Let’s discuss some of the finer points of using these devices effectively and how to maintain them.

Keeping Your Family Safe

There are a number of responsibilities that you have as a homeowner, but few are as important as installing and maintaining smoke alarms and CO detectors in your home. After all, your family is your biggest asset. If there’s a fire, you’ll want to know that a smoke alarm will alert you to the danger and give everyone a chance to get out of the house unharmed. When it comes to carbon monoxide (CO), this invisible killer can cause health problems and sometimes death before you even realize there’s a problem, which is why CO detectors are essential.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Installing smoke alarms and CO detectors in your home is only the first step. You must also be sure to maintain these devices in order to keep them running properly. A great time to check each unit is just before you head into a new season. Smoke alarms can be periodically checked by hitting a single button. Carbon monoxide detectors will run a diagnostic check and alert you of any functionality problems with the touch of a button as well. If you believe any of your alarms or detectors aren’t working properly, err on the side of caution and get them replaced.

Unless your unit is hardwired to your electricity, don’t forget to also check the batteries of each smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector on a regular basis. Too many homeowners forget to check, which means that one of the units might not work when you need it most.

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