4 Ways to Prevent Solar Heat Gain and Cool Your Home Naturally

solar heat gain, Middlesex County, MassachusettsSummer heat can be unbearable. Beyond cranking up the air conditioner in your home or office, there are other ways you can stay cool, such as preventing solar heat gain from building up in the first place.

Using the four strategies below, you can reduce the burden on your A/C and lower your energy bill.

1. Reflect the Heat

Light colored surfaces reflect the radiant energy from the sun, whereas dark surfaces can absorb this heat and then transfer it into a building. Painting walls a lighter color and using reflective windows can help to deflect some heat, but the most important element is the roof. You can apply a reflective coating or a radiant barrier to your existing roof to greatly reduce the amount of heat gain, about a third of which occurs through the roof.

2. Block the Heat

Insulating the roof will have dual benefits in blocking solar heat gain in the summer and preventing heat loss in the winter. You can also let landscaping do double duty by providing shade with taller deciduous trees. Even smaller shrubs and ground cover help to block the heat by cooling the air through photosynthesis. Inside the home, use shutters and blinds to block out direct sunlight.

3. Remove the Heat

Ventilate a space by opening up windows and doors during the cooler times of day, such as early morning or night. When the temperature is cooler outside than inside, the heat energy will move outside naturally.

4. Reduce the Heat

Lights and appliances generate heat inside of buildings. You can minimize the heat generated from them by doing the following:

  • Turn off lights when not in use or when there is sufficient daylight.
  • Seal off big heat generators, such as laundry machines and water heaters, from the rest of the house.
  • Use big appliances such as dishwashers when it is cooler outside, like in the morning or late evening.

For more information on how to prevent solar heat gain, cool your home naturally and save money on air conditioning energy bills this summer, contact your Norfolk and Middlesex county experts at Victory Heating· Air Conditioning ·Plumbing.

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