Condensing Furnaces: How These Differ From Traditional Heating Options

condensing furnace-home comfort, Bellingham, MassachusettsThe heating season may be winding down, but if you’re going to be looking for a new heating system for your Bellingham home this fall, take a good look at a condensing furnace.

These extremely efficient systems have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of between 90 and 98 percent. The AFUE of a furnace indicates how much of the fuel used by the system is actually used to heat air for your home. Most furnaces older than 10 years have an AFUE of only 65 percent, meaning that 35 percent of the fuel used by the system is sent outside as exhaust.

The main difference

A conventional furnace has a single heat exchanger that heats up air for your home and vents the resulting exhaust gases outside. A condensing furnace features dual heat exchangers. The primary heat exchanger heats the air, and the secondary exchanger recovers the exhaust from the first and uses it to heat more air. The result is a system that wastes considerably less fuel than a conventional furnace to save you money on utility costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Additional options

Condensing furnaces feature several options that can increase the system’s AFUE to up to 98 percent.

  • A variable speed fan blower modulates with your home’s heating needs at any given time. When it’s warmer outside, the motor slows down and uses less electricity to heat your home more efficiently.
  • A modulating gas valve regulates the fuel consumed by the system from 30 to 100 percent of its capacity. When less heat is needed for your home, less fuel is used by the system to provide optimum comfort at a lower cost.
  • An electronically commutated motor, or ECM, is quieter than a conventional split-capacitor motor and uses 75 percent less electricity to operate, considerably lowering your electric bill.

For more expert advice about how a condensing furnace can save energy and lower your utility bills, please contact us at Victory Heating & Air Conditioning. We serve the heating, cooling and plumbing needs of Bellingham area residents with a high level of customer satisfaction.

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