Is Your Boiler Breaking Down? 9 Common Boiler Issues to Look For

boiler issues, Norfolk County, MassachusettsDo boiler issues have you steamed? Use this list of common boiler problems to ensure immediate safety and to help you determine which course of action to take before calling your HVAC and plumbing professional.

Nine common boiler issues

  1. No hot water or no heat – This is a common boiler issue many homeowners face. There are many potential causes of a loss of heat or hot water, including faulty motorized valves, broken airlocks and diaphragms, low water levels and thermostat issues.
  2. Pilot light won’t stay lit – Debris and deposit buildup is a common contributor to an extinguishing pilot light, especially if your boiler hasn’t been serviced recently. The thermocouple also needs to be inspected to see if it’s removing the gas supply from the pilot.
  3. Pressure loss – A leaking boiler system is often the issue for pressure loss. Your HVAC and plumbing professional should also check the expansion vessel and pressure relief valve.
  4. Leaks – The first step is to find the location and source of the leak, which would then isolate the potential causes.
  5. Kettling – Kettling is one of the more common boiler issues in homes that use hard water. Lime deposits accumulate on the heat exchanger, which reduces efficiency and causes noises.
  6. Noises – Boilers are capable of producing a wide array of strange noises. Banging indicates a faulty oil pump; vibrations indicate dangerous puff-back, worn motor bearings, a failing fuel unit, a faulty transformer or loose mounts. Stuttering or rumbling at start-up indicates a cleaning is needed, while stuttering or rumbling at shutdown indicates an oil leak into the combustion chamber, which increases puff-back risk.
  7. Radiators not hot – A faulty pump or sludge and corrosion in the pipes prevents efficient heating.
  8. Boiler switching off – There are several issues which cause a boiler to continuously cycle off, including low water pressure, closed valve (no water flow), malfunctioning thermostat and a faulty pump.
  9. Thermostat – A malfunctioning thermostat is a boiler issue in disguise. Common thermostat malfunctions include false readings, faulty on/off cycling and a loss in accuracy.

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